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Should You Use an Agent Or Sell Your House on Your Own?

real estate agentA home property can easily be considered as being one of the most valuable assets an individual or family can have ownership of. Therefore, when it comes to selling one’s home, there may be many thoughts and decisions made during the process. One common dilemma many prospective home sellers face is deciding between whether they would like to acquire the services of a real estate agent or proceed to selling the property on their own. Prior to making such a decision, the homeowner should compare and contrast between the advantages and disadvantages of hiring an agent, and vice-versa in pertinence to selling it on their own.

One advantage of hiring an agent as opposed to selling the home on one’s own is the agent has more experience in displaying and selling properties than the homeowner does. That is of course only true of the homeowner isn’t a real estate agent themselves. Since a real estate agent has the experience of selling homes on a regular basis, they will naturally have an ability of persuading and encouraging prospective home buyers in the market. Their whole career revolves around communicating with people that are looking to a home, whether it be immediately or in the future.

Another thing to consider prior to selling the home on your own is whether you will have enough time to advertise and show it to those who are interested or not. Let’s say you work full-time at a firm that doesn’t necessarily allow you to go home whenever you need. Will you be able to show your home if there is an interested buyer that is eager to see it at that moment? A real estate agent’s job is to show homes. Due to that reason, they are able to hop out of their chair to show the home immediately. You may not necessarily have the luxury of showing the home whenever the prospective home buyer is wanting to see the property.

Although a homeowner may feel like they have all the tools they need to list their home for selling, it may be in their greatest benefit to hire an experienced real estate agent. Reason being, they are looking to sell homes as fast as possible.


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Now Could Be The Time To Sell!

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Housing prices have begun to level out. This could be making a temporary halt in the fluctuation of market values. With interest rates hovering around four percent, the buyers are still there in big numbers. The housing market has stayed away from the national market it was during the great recession a few years ago. It has become a more localized market, and with interest rates on their way back down, now is the time to sell your home.

Currently, the best place to sell a home depends on the employment rate in that area, and the number of houses on the market in your area. With the colder months coming fast, we will see many houses taken off the market. Historically, this is also a time when buyers are looking to get into a home fast in order to be settled in before the cold sets in for the winter. If there are more than a few companies hiring in your area, chances are you will have many interested buyers competing for your home.

In order to make the decision to list your home, there are a few factors that are crucial. First, what is the average sale prices over the last month for homes comparable to yours over the house for salelast couple of months? This will give you a good idea on what kind of offers you will receive. What is the average time these homes stay on the market? The shorter amount of time houses are on the market, the more valuable the area. These questions could easily be found by doing a little research or simply contacting a realtor. Zillow.com is a great place to start your research.

It is not easy to give a specific answer on whether or not now is a good time to sell your home. Interest rates are still at a very good level which is a huge factor bringing buyers to the market. The job market has been remaining steady as well. Depending on your specific locality, now could be a very good time to get the full value of your home.


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